AA Rëyaćh Internatiönal

Quality Policy

We at AA Rëyaćh Internatiönal believe in a honest & transparent vision in business.


We always try to serve our customers in a better way. Excellent Quality and Timely Delivery is our specialty. Unmatched quality of products and prompt delivery to the clients, while maintaining the international quality standards, has helped the company to gain a high market share even in this competitive age. The company is assisted by well qualified staff managing the production, finance, marketing departments of the company. It is our combined & excellent co-ordination efforts that have made the company a success – a force to reckon with, the world over.

AA Rëyaćh Internatiönal

Quality Control

The world of agriculture & processed food products has changed over the last decade towards organic, an industry requiring a detailed understanding of the product profiles of developed markets. This includes understanding of physical, microbiological and toxic profiles of the food products along with conformation to the regulations of advanced markets in Europe and the USA.

We are one of the few APEDA products exporters in India to offer and export to buyers’ quality & hygienic products conforming to the important physical and microbiological parameters as per international standards.

We sterilize products to control micro contamination in all food products to required levels.



APEDA Certificate

AA Rëyaćh Internatiönal is an APEDA Certified Company