Yellow Maize

Yellow Maize seed is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, like fiber, vitamin A, zinc, iron and carotenoids. The seeds are available in different varieties, which can be differentiated by characteristics like sweet, waxy, pop, flour, flint and dent.

Consumption of yellow maize improves immune system, fight infections, control blood sugar level, lower blood cholesterol and promote production of red blood cells and healthy oxygen circulation. The Yellow Maize seeds can be grinded into dried yellow flour. This flour can be used for making baked goods such as breads, muffins etc.


  • Rich nutritional source
  • Free from contamination
  • Tamper proof packaging and higher shelf life
  • The flavour and quality remains intact for long


Yellow Maize
Purity99% (min)
Moisture13% (max)
Damage2% (max)
Weevil damage3% (max)
Foreign Matter1% (max)
PackingIn strong PP bags of 50kg packing net/gross
I.T.C.H.S. Code 10051000
UseFor bird feed / cattle feed