Ginger is a common spice used worldwide. Ginger is the rhizome of a tropical flowering plant which is biennial or perennial in nature. The reed like ginger herb reaches a height of 3 feet. It is cultivated by sowing small pieces of the rhizome weighing around 15gm with at least one healthy bud, in the soil rich in humus, 4-5cm below the soil. Ginger grows best in hot and humid conditions and cannot grow in waterlogged areas, so care should be taken for proper drainage.

After sowing, the place should be covered with mulch to provide proper nutrition. Proper manure should also be put to aid growth. As ginger is a nutrient exhausting crop, it is not grown continuously in one field but shifted to another field after one yield.

The most commonly available varieties of ginger in the world are either Indian or Chinese varieties. India is the largest producer of ginger at around 702,000 metric tons, accounting for 34.6% of the world production. 35,616.35 tons of ginger was exported in 2011-12.

Ginger is primarily exported in 3-4 types of forms.

  1. Fresh ginger is exported from India. It has great demand worldwide as an important ingredient in cooking.
  2. Powdered ginger is also exported. This has a good market due to its longer shelf life and ease of use, especially in western countries where use of fresh ginger still has an exotic feel to it. Ground or powdered ginger does not have the pungency or potency of fresh ginger but is good enough for baking cookies, biscuits and cakes where the powdered ginger can add just the subtle yet right zing of ginger.
  3. Exporting ginger is by preserving it in sugar syrup. Bits of preserved ginger in ice creams and baked products can fill the mouth with a sudden burst of warmth. Candied ginger or crystallized ginger, made by slow-cooking ginger slices in sugar syrup, is also a popular candy treat for people around the world. Often the slices are then rolled over granulated sugar to make it a perfect treat.
  4. Ginger is also exported as dried ginger. Ginger dried in the sun or by mechanized methods retains a lot of its original flavor, while the drying process increases the shelf life of the ginger. It is easy to use; all one has to do is to break the ginger into small pieces and powder it in a coffee grinder.

Fresh Ginger Specifications

Origin: India

Variety: Rigodi & Himachal

Packaging Wt.: 5/10/13.00kg per box, 4/25/60.00kg per bag or as per customer’s requirement.

Availability: December to June

Quantity: 1 X 40’FCL 18-23 MT