India is a well-known country for supplying great quality, long & hot Green Chili. India exports almost 44,415 tons of Chili, valuing to almost 36.4 million USD. Indian G4 green Chili is famous for long length, hotness and dark green colour.

We supply best quality G4 fresh Chili. Hot Green Chili is high in demand due to its great hot flavour. Full of the goodness of capsaicin, our Long Green Chili retains its freshness until the point of consumption.

AA Rëyaćh Internatiönal ensures the supply of best quality to our customers with best packing and handling at competitive prices.

Benefits of Green Chili are that it is great for a healthy diet and it also improves skin regime. Green Chili is perfect cure for a stressful week and it also keeps your body temperature low. Chili is natural source of iron and it helps to maintain a healthy life style.

India’s Green Chili majorly is produced by Andhra Pradesh with 26% of the total production, followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. Fresh Chili is available throughout the year. We majorly supply green chili to GCC & European Countries.

Product Specifications:

Type: Indian Fresh Green Chili

Colour: Green

Crop: Fresh

Size: Long & hot

Certification: APEDA

Packaging Available: 3.8 / 4kg corrugated box

Min. Order Quantity: 1 ton by air & 12.5 ton by sea

Place of Origin: India